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So you’ve booked your spot in a magazine or maybe decided to go for a pay-per-click banner. You need a great campaign and it’s a major investment on your part. That’s where I can help.

I’ve worked on trade, retail and consumer accounts in print and digital communications.
Volkswagen Camper Conversion Advertising

Ecowagon Advertising

Dramatic landscapes, beautiful buses... Ecowagon's website and social media channels are their primary marketing tools. Occasionally they support a magazine feature with and advert. Here's a few examples....
Advertising and design Devon

Alder Sportswear Advertising

Alder employed me to design their first advert in August in 1999. Back then we employed professional photographers and it was very expensive. Eventually I invested in a digital camera and photographed their product line for brochures etc. This enabled me to use the images for the ad’s offering a v...
Postcard design by Rees Kenyon Design Devon UK

Whitford Postcard Mailers

These postcard designs were used as mailers and sent to members of Steve Whitford's extensive database. The designs were optimised for long-run budget printing with saturated colours to illustrate the beauty of the gemstones. Steve always liked the "sparkles" I added to the stones; very subtle but t...
Advertising by Rees Kenyon Design Devon UK

Whitford Advertising

Steve Whitford, jewellery designer, invited me to design a series of advertisements for various publications. For over a decade Steve has regularly asked me to produce advertisments for his business. The brief was and always is simple – illustrate the beauty and spirit of his work. The majority of...
Christmas Hunter wellies by Rees Kenyon Design Devon

Percy’s Hotel Advertising

Percy’s Country Hotel & Restaurant is nestled in the Devon countryside between Launceston and Okehampton. It boasts a 130 acre country estate, a beautiful but simple hotel and an organic restaurant. The hotel was repositioning for new markets and required some local advertising and mailers to Perc...

Lavender Windows

The Lavender Window Company was a subsidiary of Brighthouse Conservatories. They offered bespoke hardwood windows built to the highest standards, offered at a fraction of the price of their competitors. I was invited to produce branding design, literature and mailers for promotional advertising, all...
Devon Based Advertising Design by Rees Kenyon Design

Brighthouse Conservatories

Brighthouse Conservatories designed and built amazing, bespoke conservatories to the highest standards. I was invited to design an advertisement for the Western Morning News newspaper. My client wanted it to feel contemporary with a pinch of tradition thrown in....
The Tuit Centre Advertising Design by Rees Kenyon Design

The Tuit Centre

The Tuit Centre was a local arts and crafts centre based in Lewdown, Devon. The centre was an early version of the farm shops we regularly see now. During 1999, I produced a series of ad’s to promote their West Country Crafts, Butcher’s Shop, Country Kitchen, Local Produce and Workshops / Course...