Branding, Logos & Visual Identities

Branding, Logos & Visual Identities

Your brand and identity speaks volumes about your company, values, heritage and overall activity.
I’ve worked with individuals looking to make a massive impact and for far larger clients who want to reposition or modernise their identity. Some want to dust off their old logo and give it a coat of paint and others want something ground breaking.
HookedOnMedia Sales Brochure

HookedOnMedia Sales & Presentation Brochure

HookedOnMedia became a client after a collaboration on a client's website. They were impressed with my work and deep knowledge of SEO and SEM. After successfully redesigning their brand and website HookedOnMedia invited me to redesign their digital sales and presentation brochure, designed to be ema...
Marketing Agency Branding

HookedOnMedia Branding & Logotype

HookedOnMedia and I had collaborated on a client’s website for digital marketing services. Off the back of this HookedOnMedia approached me with a view to radically redesigning their website. I suggested their logotype and overall branding needed addressing, it felt very outdated. I presented a ba...
Icon design

Ecowagon Infographic Icons

Ecowagon offer a myriad of options for their VW Transporter camper van conversions. For their clients it can be a long winded process working through the specs for each conversion model (fun though). We needed some icons! Pictorially representing each spec has visually simplified the client's naviga...
Richard Collins Leader 980x592

Richard Collins Website

Richard had found me after a recommendation from one of my long standing clients, Amanda from Concierge South West. I had to take a crash course in understanding the basics of strategic governance, now that was a steep learning curve. Fortunately I had Richard on had to advise me. Richard liked many...
SSDB Brand Leader 980x592

SSDB Branding

An old friend asked if I could design a logo for his business. Words like "bold", "strong" and "powerful" were used by Rich to describe what he wanted. The "answer to the brief" designs are illustrated in the Visual Concepts slide. Ahem, Rich chose the logo that was poles apart from his description ...
Ecowagon VW Conversion Brochure

Ecowagon 2020 Promotional Brochure

Write it, design it, produce it (sing the theme tune)... Ecowagon contacted me in 2017 to discuss producing a new website. Roll on a few years and I also look after their exhibition design, signage, facebook marketing, analytics and a myriad of other projects. I was given a simple brief... we want t...
Graphic Designer Cornwall

Lighthouse Mentoring Leaflets

My client was so happy with his Mentoring Brochure that he requested a leaflet to specifically target Student Mentoring in Cornwall. We had already agreed on a powerful upbeat branding style. At no time did we want to communicate a negative or dour message. Yellow is the predominant colour with a co...
Excellent graphic design Devon

Lighthouse Mentoring Brochure

I received a call from a (new) client who had come across my website. He liked my minimal style and also my method of information communication design. After a brief consultation we agreed to produce a 12 page A5 brochure covering a difficult subject: mental health in the workplace and education. A ...
Concierge South West Branding

Concierge South West Branding

I absolutely love this brand and logo design. It's totally outside of my usual Swiss style of minimalism and ultra clean typography. That said, the solution demanded absolute elegance for Amanda - she is extremely elegant and this was the perfect way to represent her. I was contacted by Amanda and s...
Visual Identity Scheme Rees Kenyon Design Devon

Synarbor Visual Identity

You won't see this very often on a design website. A failed pitch! I was invited to pitch for a major visual identity scheme for Synarbor Group, a rapidly growing recruitment consultancy. I can only assume that a) they genuinely didn't like it, or b) I wasn't based in London (the company who won the...
Graphic Designer Devon

Alder Wetsuit Graphics

Presented here is a varied selection of wetsuit logo design and surfing graphics. I estimate having produced design and specification for over 450 wetsuits over a seventeen year period. The design work is very complex as I often have to photograph a sample wetsuit and then piece together the graphic...
Logo designers Devon

Alder Brand & Logotype

Logo design is key part of your branding. A great logo really sets you apart from the competition and creates a memorable, long lasting image. Alder invited me to take over their logo design, branding and graphic design in 1999. As of 2017 I have designed over 300 logos for Alder Sportswear (a surfi...
Logo design and branding Devon UK

Alder Sub-Brands

Since 1999 I have designed many sub-brands as part of the Alder visual identity programme. Alder Sportswear have always been open to diverse graphic design (something a designer relishes). The logos have many different applications from surfboards to wetsuits, vehicle livery to surfboards and bod...
Rees Kenyon Graphic Designer near Okehampton Devon

Ardis Literature

My client required high quality, well specified and beautifully designed literature to promote their range of garden offices. I had already built their website and we translated web to print. Back in the early 2000s this was unusual because it was usually print to web conversion that took place. The...
Logo and brand design by Rees Kenyon Design Devon UK

Whitford Brand

Steve Whitford, a long term client of mine is a vastly talented jewellery designer / maker. He asked me to design a new logo and help him brand his business. The brief was specific, it had to be minimal, elegant and emotive. We sat in front of my computer for a few hours and worked through typefaces...
Percys Country Hotel and Restaurant branding and signage by Rees Kenyon Design Devon UK

Percy’s Hotel Logotype

I was invited to pitch for a re-branding project. Percy’s had an established brand and I advised that it should be retained; primarily because it is memorable and their existing customer base were familiar with Percy’s (the dandy gent image featured below). They operated as a “restaurant with ...
Graphic design for architects Devon UK

Squirrel Design Branding

Squirrel Design Associates are a Chagford (Devon) based architectural design practice specialising in stunning one-off designs. Progressive and novel are both terms that describe their amazing work. They were featured on Grand Designs with their The Miami-Style Beach House in November 2005. The squi...

Lavender Windows

The Lavender Window Company was a subsidiary of Brighthouse Conservatories. They offered bespoke hardwood windows built to the highest standards, offered at a fraction of the price of their competitors. I was invited to produce branding design, literature and mailers for promotional advertising, all...
Devon based Branding and Stationery by Rees Kenyon Design

Brighthouse Logotype

Brighthouse Conservatories designed and built amazing bespoke conservatories to the highest standards. I was invited to redesign their logotype and freshen-up their brand. Stationery, order documents, sticky labels and ancillary media followed the redesign. The stationery was beautiful: my client ha...

Boiler Services South West

I was invited to create a brand, stationery and vehicle livery for Boiler Services South West. The brief was to make the company look "clean" and established. The overall design is simple, informative and bold....
Minimalist Logo Designer Devon

DSign Logo

A local sign maker approached me and asked if I could brand and design his company. The brief: Swiss, minimalist, simple, bold!...
Logo Specification


Get Yourself Recognised
To be successful, a company needs to be recognised and memorable. It could be your own name, for example ‘Jenny Jackson’ or what about something simple like ‘Super Special’. Branding is sold as a science but often it’s more about common sense. Before putting pencil to paper, a basic list of questions should be asked. What am I doing? Who wants it? Do they know they want it? Should it look expensive? Have I left the oven on? You get the idea.
Intelligent Brands
What if you need to “slide” into a market sector and be seen as established but the reality is you only started a few months ago? An intelligent brand can do this, again using common sense, research and a certain amount of skill and design alchemy. You might want to appear cutting edge, hi-tech and shiny or more traditional, e.g. ‘baking from the farm kitchen’.
Great Ideas & Execution
I'm here to help, pencil in hand; no waffle, piffle or jargon, just intelligent design and excellent ideas to give you the market presence you deserve. I can even create a brand manual which can be used for your supplier's reference.  
My Brand
Why is it so simple? Well, I have a memorable name and few forget it. I also promote clean, accurate, Swiss minimalist design – my logo reflects this. Blue is one of my favourite colours; I think I can be allowed this minor luxury. I love my brand! Read more about my design philosophy.