1984 to 1986

Sat in my friends house watching Alien on VHS there was a knock on the door. It was my dad. “Get yourself over to the house and get changed. We’re off to Granville College; now”. Okay… This was late July 1984. Aged 16 I’d been accepted on a BTEC Graphic Design course but had a passionate interest in computer graphics. The course I was about to find out about (and be interviewed for) was called Creative Computer Graphics. In Sheffield? Really?

It was at Granville College that I used my first Apple Mac, in fact the college had secured funding to buy one of the first batches of Macs in the country. I was converted! Most of the programming was conducted on the BBC Micro, at the time the standard computer in educational institutes.

Fast forward two years. I graduated with an excellent BTEC qualification, the highest mark in the class in a subject that had been the study of computer scientists, not creative teenagers with a passion for design and programming. Destiny had blessed me and kicked me up the backside at the same time.