1988 to 1990

The last two years of my design studies… During this time I worked in a chip shop (great experience + free chips + low rent above the chippy), cleaned a local ladies house and secured work at Centaur Communications, a Soho based publishing house. Centaur still publish Design Week, Marketing Week and Creative Review, all titles which I read at college. I got to work on these titles during my work placement. Wow! After finishing my placement in 1989 I was invited back to Centaur to work on a part time basis for £150.00 per day. At the time this was sent from heaven. Okay, I should have been studying but for this kind of cash I could leave college debt free!

Of course the greatest benefit of working at Centaur was that I now had first class commercial experience. I’d learnt how to design “stuff” properly (and fry fish and chips)! I headed off into the commercial world with a design degree, portfolio under my arm, a dangerous mind and some valuable skills.