1994 to 1999

From mid 1994 I spent the next five years working for a security printing company, The House of Questa. Primarily, they designed and printed philatelic media – postage stamps and related collectibles.

I designed and produced lots of postage stamps for worldwide authorities but my other role was in security reprographics R&D. I was tasked with creating new technologies that could be patented for use in security printing. My activities included military border security passes (with overlays to reveal authenticity), Visa forging and incorporation of new anti-forgery technology in the forgery, micro-type, disruption tints / patterns and ultra hi-resolution step and repeat.

Around 1998 myself, the department manager and press team created a technology called “Super Litho”. This was ultra high resolution repro and printing which was very secure due to the line screen being #850 or above. An average printed document is at #150 line screen – with our technology micro-type was being measured at less than 20 microns – invisible to the naked eye. Very unusual and very interesting.