1999 Onwards

In 1999 I made the decision to start my own design consultancy. Moving to Devon was a galvanising factor. It really is stunning here and extraordinarily inspiring.

I operated as Airship Design for many years and then made the decision to become Rees Kenyon Design – it just felt more “me”. After all, I’m selling “me” and my skills.

Learning to design websites from 2000 had enabled me to get into an emerging market; one that still requires the specialism and marketing experience of seasoned designers and developers. Print was still alive and kicking and this occupied the majority of my time until 2003. Then BOOM! Communications had changed radically and most businesses wanted a website, especially one they could publish their own content to.

Branding and logo design of course is still a part of my day to day work. Copywriting is also a great skill to have attained – my customers love it when I “kick” their text into shape.

I’ve been a lucky soul and designed and produced all manner of “stuff”. From enterprise eCommerce websites to movie quality props. As of 2023 I’ve gained over 33 years of commercial experience.