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eCommerce Consulting

Online shopping can be a large scale investment for your business and you need a positive ROI. It may be your only sales channel with no physical or traditional retail presence. You need to choose the right solution - first time! This is where I come in. I offer expert advice to retailers, brands and organisations so they can rapidly deliver revenue growth through intelligent ecommerce strategy.
I built my first eCommerce website in 2008. Back then it was a black art, way before the modern eShops we see now. I based my first online shop on Mal's E-commerce - a remotely hosted payment system. In simple terms you designed standard HTML pages with products and then added encrypted buttons that linked to the payment system.

It wasn't that straight forward but it gave my clients a rapid route to an online sales system. In fact, one of my older clients still use this system.
Roll on 2017 and eCommerce has changed radically. You can now commission a fully featured shopping website for under £3,000.00 and simple site for as little as £950.00.

Multiple payment gateways are the norm. Complex shipping systems are standard. Customer retention tools are advanced. MailChimp keeps in touch with your customers. Administrative tasks are far more powerful. The conversion from site visit to purchase is a quick and easy route to profit.

Why Employ an eCommerce Consultant?

I'm hoping you will employ me to design, build and deliver your first class eCommerce website. However, this is not always the case; I'm a big boy and I know I won't always get the gig. Clients often require professional and impartial advice on their next big step (or giant leap). Imagine you're investing £30k on a sophisticated eCommerce build. Wouldn't it be great if you were fully armed with all the facts before choosing your design and development partner? After all, they want to lock you into their system, their culture and sometimes their highly paid account managers.

Platform - the eCommerce engine. Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce? They are all excellent but which one? Are they scaleable or do you go LARGE from the outset?
You want long term growth. Which tools are the best for this? Is there a simple route to ROI and increased sales? Do more site visitors mean more sales?
Multi channel marketing or targeted marketing? It can become quite expensive so it's essential to choose the right channels. Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube?
Pyschology - understanding your customers. What do they want? How quickly can they buy it? What else can you offer them? Is it easy to purchase products from your website?
Logisticis - the majority of customers want their products FAST! What the are best ways to do this? How can we improve your distribution methods? How can we keep the customer really happy? 
Future proofing. An eCommerce platform that will move with your market, business and ultimately the channels of modern communication and marketing (where your audience is active).
Always plan ahead with a clear roadmap for your eCommerce project. It's not just about the products you sell; it's about the future of your products, business growth, logistics and managing customer expectations.
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