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Want to sell online? I build eCommerce websites that are fast, effective and profitable.
Always plan ahead with a clear roadmap for your eCommerce project. It's not just about the products you sell; it's about the future of your products, business growth, logistics and managing customer expectations.
WooCommerce Surfboards Shop Solution

Softboards Au WooCommerce Online Shop

As with many of my clients Bill Colwill came to me via recommendation, it was from his mum who is also a long standing client. The brief was straightforward; make my website better, easier to use, mobile and tablet friendly, much faster, appear as a well established brand and be visually more attrac...
Jellyrolls Leader 980x592

Jellyrolls Shopify Online Shop

A Shopify website for Jellyrolls Kidswear to replace their outdated online shop. Jellyrolls came to me via Fashione EPOS Solutions as another client who needed to replace their old and very slow website. This was a ground up website design and production rebuild on the Shopify platform. My client ne...
shopify website design services

Puddleducks Shopify Online Shop

A Shopify website for Puddleducks Children's Wear to update their eShopping activities. Another industry recommendation brought Puddleducks to me. Could I migrate them from their old WooCommerce platform to Shopify? Yes, of course. Will it work with our existing EPOS system? Yes! I recommended only ...
Shopify Designer Kids Clothes Store

Carousel Shopify Online Shop

A 2000 to 3000 product Shopify website for Carousel Childrenswear, a designer kids clothing boutique. On recommendation I was approached by Carousel with a view to moving them from their old WooCommerce platform to Shopify. There was another request... it had to work with an existing EPOS system. No...
Koast Designer Clothes Shopify Website

Koast Shopify Online Shop

A 2000+ product Shopify website for Koast, designer kids clothing. An old friend called me with a problem. Her eCommerce site was really struggling and very out of date. What platform would I recommend and could I help her to build a brand new website that also her worked with her EPOS system? Shopi...
Mobile Tablet iPad iPhone eCommerce

shave.com eCommerce

King of Shaves had an outdated eCommerce eShop that been developed in the early 2000's. I was asked to build a brand new site at enterprise level. This was a direct result of the success of King of Shaves Sub which offered subscriptions to customers. My client wanted this to be integrated into a new...

Root2Tip Online Shop

Root2Tip approached me to build a first class eCommerce online shop and blogging platform after a recommendation by one of my clients. My client already had an existing eShop that they had been struggling to use and update. I chose WooCommerce to give them an easy (and powerful) platform to work wit...
Artist eCommerce Website Design Devon

Dan Pyne Artist

Dan Pyne finds inspiration in the minutia all around him. His work portrays no end of amazing form, colour and texture in every square inch of the natural and manmade world. Pebbles, leaves, barks, lichens, rusting and decaying surfaces. His current work continues to explore the abstract forms and t...
eCommerce eShops Online Shop Devon UK

Concoction eCommerce

Concoction are a hair and body lab offering an unusual product base - a shampoo that can have up to two "SuperSerum" shots to customise each product for their customers. I was approached by the founder of Concoction with a view to building a new eCommerce online shop supported by a promotional websi...
eShop website by Rees Kenyon Design Devon UK


Having built the iamwingman.com website, I was briefed to build this new website to take the Wingman brand to the next level. This is a promotional and eCommerce site although the shop is currently disabled while my client launches his range of toiletries into 460 Tesco stores. Wingman are a com...
Subscriptions eCommerce website UK

King of Shaves SUB

In under 5 weeks, I designed and rolled out an eCommerce subscription based website. It featured a full eCommerce backend and subscriptions engine that completed the checkout process through PayPal. I worked with a small team of coders and based the “engine” on WordPress and the WooCommerce plat...

Joshi Clinic Website

The Joshi Clinic employed me to migrate their website to a new server. During this process they also asked for the addition of an eShop and a new WordPress blog. A new addition to the site was a shop and associated e-commerce system. I built this very quickly and the new site was up and running in l...