A Car Named after a Fax Machine?

Very rarely do I desire an object. I pride myself on enjoying what I have and not wanting too much (apart from B&O hifi). I guess you could call it a “kind of Karmic calmness”. Then came the McLaren MP4-12C supercar! Cars have always been a passion but I’m able to stand back and admire what others have. But, I now have a big wobble in my life. I want an MP4-12C.

Jeremy Clarkson likened the MP4-12C to a fax machine – well he does have a point. I’ve owned laser printers with similar names. The naming system is based on McLaren’s tradition from their racing cars and is extended to the new supercar.

Mclaren Mp4 12c Sid View

The car represents the very best of British design, engineering, innovation and manufacturing. It makes me feel very proud that we have such amazing product born and exported from the UK!

I mentioned to my son that I wanted to own an MP4-12C and now he is adamant that I will have one very soon! Well, maybe in another lifetime…

This is what McLaren had to say:

With the MP4-12C, we aimed to deliver a car which satisfied our goals for breathtaking performance as well as excellent driveability in all road conditions – to create a car without compromise. This unique approach saw our team focussing not just on performance figures, but also maintaining comfort, practicality, driveability and an outstanding ownership experience.


MP4-12C Offical Data

McLaren Special Operations

McLaren’s New Building