Amazing Grafitti & Street Art

I guess most of us associate street art with graffiti, after all it tends to stick around for quite a while (until the local council paint over it or clean it off). I’m a fan of graffiti although I do find tagging (writing) a very lazy way to express oneself. Through the media, Banksy is probably the most well known proponent of street art and has worked very hard to express and establish himself over many years. Crash, Lady Pink and Pixnit tend to to be more hardcore in their delivery. Then at the the other end of the spectrum we have Shepard Fairey with his ‘pull no punches’ OBEY graphic art.

A relatively recent version of street art is pavement painting. Artists often recreate famous works of art and others go a step further and create amazing three dimensional masterpieces. Traditionally the artists work is chalked or painted onto pavements or sidewalks.