Comic Book to Media Entertainment Giant

Dc Comics LogosDc Comics Logos Mobile

Brand first or logo? I think DC may have lost their way a little. Take a look at the lineage of the DC logos above. From a very basic 1940′s “stamp” style design to the 1970′s “baseball” flavour and then onto 2005 when we see a dynamic “hero” design. I can see a genuine progression in the designs from the 1940′s to early 00′s.

Now we are presented with a far more sterile, almost corporate look. Why? Well, it could be that DC are no longer a good old comic book publisher; they are now a giant media entertainment company. Personally, I think it’s a shame that they have “sterilised” their design and lost a lot of the dynamism. Okay, so it’s a clever play on character shapes.

Maybe a case of putting monster media brand first before memorable symbol design. They do have the enviable position of being so well known that you don’t have to imagine their logo – you just recognise their name, in an instant. I like to think that a brand like this should communicate character and heritage. Sadly, I think this is now lost.

Oh, and I wonder how much the new brand cost?