Dyson Air Multiplier Fans

I know the Dyson Air Multiplier fans have been blogged about at length but I felt inclined to put my thoughts down on a recent retail decision making experience.

I’ve been looking for a fan for home, especially in my boys’ bedroom where it gets quite hot. The sun tracks around their bedroom from 11:30 to about 20:00 during the summer. We installed a thermal blackout blind that keeps some of the heat out but it still gets hot. A few years ago I bought an oscillating min tower fan that was fine for a few months but it became noisy and the oscillation motor stopped working. It cost about £35.00. Now that’s not a massive amount but it’s not a throw away price. Dust also gathers inside it and I feel this is quite unhygienic, especially for children.

So I started looking for a replacement and I remember the massive press launch for the Dyson AM01 Air Multiplier. A grand name for a device that blows air. As a side note I have a lot of experience with air cooling. A strange activity for a graphic designer you may ask? Well, I made cooling fans for Star Wars costuming helmets – mainly the Stormtrooper helmets. I learnt a lot about airflow and cooling during this time, especially that airflow creates noise and buffeting.

Quiet Fan Blade
Fan Technology
Whilst watching a science programme I had seen an article about whisper quiet fan blades. Using a very carefully designed angle, contour and notching, the fan blades cut into the air and deliver it at higher pressure on the blowing side. The suction side of the blades deliver the air at a lower pressure. The result is that the two airflows meet and merge at the trailing edge and equalise the pressure, yielding a far quieter fan. Great science and engineering.

So, back to the Dyson Air Multiplier… I knew they were expensive but £200.00 of my hard earned cash is a tall order to justify. It seems though that the Bang & Olufsen effect has got me yet again. I like excellent design and engineering and the Dyson Air Multiplier is the way to go. Careful research has led me to discover that it is not perfect by any means but it does come close. Then I discovered that Dyson now make the AM05 Hot + Cool™ heater / fan. Now I want one of these but they cost even more – at the time of writing, £369.99 to be exact!

Dyson Dc19db
British Design & Innovation
The thing I really like about James Dyson and Company is that it’s British design, British engineering, British innovation, excellent build quality, carfefully explained technology and backed up by excellent guarantees and warranties. They are confident about their creations, some being used commercially like the Dyson Airblade hand dryer. I couldn’t quite believe how good that thing was and spent far too long at the motorway services drying my hands (I don’t hang around toilets on a regular basis).

The Vacuum Cleaner
To sum up, I bought a Dyson DC19db vacuum cleaner a few years ago (plus some extra tools that are amazing). It was an excellent purchase and came with a 5 year guarantee. The quality is first class, it actually works and does everything we need. And, the suction claims are justified – it is really powerful (as long as you wash out the filter). Don’t believe the hype about the reduced noise though. It sounds like a jet turbine! So, I do feel inclined to purchase another Dyson product. I have to start saving now!

Update: November 2017
I took the plunge and bought a Dyson AM04 and AM01, both refurbished from the Dyson eBay store. They really are excellent. The AM04 is still in my studio and used regularly and the AM01 is with my mum for cooling during the summer months.