Dyson AM04 Hot Investment

I took the great leap and invested in a Dyson AM04 Hot Fan Heater using Air Multiplier technology. Dyson were selling refurbished units on Ebay for a vastly reduced price. I guess it was a bargain in relation to the SRP. However, it was still very expensive.

The Good Stuff

  • It offers very fast and efficient heating.
  • It looks great and the ergonomics are very well thought out.
  • It’s Dyson technology with the innovation we have come to expect.
  • It has a remote control – for the TV and Dorrito generation.
  • It is relatively efficient and uses less power than other heaters I have.
  • If you run it at full fan power then it does heat a room very quickly.
  • It has a thermostatic control and shuts down when the air temperature matches your selection.
  • It can also work as a traditional fan in cooling mode. Other heaters I have still remain a little warm in “cooling “mode”.

The Not So Good Stuff

  • It’s expensive compared to a £29.95 fan heater from Lidl.
  • Noise levels are quite high, even at the lowest setting. Not enough to drive you mad but you do notice it.
  • It is quite tall although the base footprint is very small.

Heating on a Budget?
So, the pros outway the cons (imho) but many would argue that it is a hefty investment. Will it save me money during the winter months? I think so, especially considering I can set it to 16°C and leave it overnight to keep the chill from my studio. I’m becoming more and more energy obsessive – my home and studio power expenditure is starting to catch up with the depreciation and running costs of my car!

Will it change my life?
Probably not that much but it does have a feel good factor and looks great in my studio. The acid test will come in the winter months. I’ll also use it for cooling in the summer months or should I say weeks?

Update: November 2017
I’ve been using this fan for about four years now and it has a new benefit… My new studio has underfloor heating which is set to 24°C in the winter months. I tend to switch the Dyson fan heater on for 10 minutes on a very cold morning (which it can be in my rural location). It makes my studio toastie and gets it ready for the day at 25°C. As an aside, my studio has massive amounts of insulation in the walls and floor which mean it does stay warm, even in summer when my computers are kicking out loads of heat. On goes the Dyson to cool things down. Not quite the ultra-eco scenario I was hoping for but I still have a very low carbon footprint.