Engelbert Humperdinck Eurovision 2012

I love the Eurovision Song Contest – seriously! We have a few friends and their kids round every year to watch the final. Homemade pizza, beer, wine and pudding ease us through the proceedings to the final anti-climax. Well, us Brits are not allowed to win are we.

I’m getting behind Engelbert Humperdinck in Eurovision 2012 with my own patent, British made Standard Issue Engleburns*. To be attached with Blue Tac, plasters, double sided tape or Sellotape. You can even use a strong glue should you wish to retain the mutton chop sideburn look for a few days. Mine will be sported for 1 month with slacks and a tweed jacket.

Don’t worry about Eurovision being twee or unhip – it’s a celebration of sorts and about being, well, erm, European. Personally, I’m a Brit through and through but for one night and one night only, just maybe, I will adopt the Euro, bail out Greece and on Sunday morning eat cold meat for breakfast.

Please download my free Engelburns Sideburns cut-out template (below) in celebration of the remotest chance of a win, regardless of how good The Hump is. I had a lot of fun designing these kitsch, hairy appendages.

Englebert Sideburns Cutout

Englebert Moustache Cutout