Hand Made Star Wars Posters

I queued here in 1977.
George Lucas is at it again with Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D. The films are kept fresh in our minds through continuous merchandising and re-releases. I’m a big fan and proud to say that I queued for hours to make sure I got in to see the original Star Wars (episode IV) in 1977. Back then it was the Gaumont Cinema (long gone decades ago) in Sheffield city centre.

I’m always intrigued to see homages and talented work from fans and artists of the genre… Christopher Lee (not the spooky actor) is a California based illustrator who decided to produce a set of tribute posters. All the characters receive a cartoon treatment and Christopher took around 150 hours to illustrate and hand colour the posters. May the Force be with him… always!

This is my little tribute to the original trilogy. I’ve always wanted to do prints commemorating each of these iconic movies and I finally buckled down and did them. This is the first project I’ve rendered entirely in Photoshop. No vectors were used (with the exception of the logo artwork).