Lissitzky vs Honda: the Bauhaus style

Sometimes it’s weird how you spot a group of random things that are all of interest. I stumbled across a set of Hondamentalism posters following the Bauhaus style, in my opinion the one of greatest of the design movements…

At design school I studied and animated work by El Lissitzky, an iconic Russian artist, designer, photographer, typographer, polemicist and architect. He was an early protagonist of graphic design bringing together mixed media to form amazing designs and posters.

Now, back to the Honda posters… They caught my eye primarily because of the 1920/30′s style of design practiced by the likes of Lissitzky, Bayer and Tschichold. I designed many pieces in this style during the latter part of the 1980′s – it was a resurgent fashion back then. Then I spotted that one of the posters was dedicated to one of my heroes, John McGuiness, a short circuit rider and TT veteran. To many he is the greatest living TT rider in history and the first man to break the 130mph average speed record around the 37.73 mile course. Amazing!

Funny how things can knit together like this.