Oh B&O

I unashamedly admit that I love Bang & Olufsen hi-fi. At one time I had three systems and two pairs of speakers, one pair being real big ones (ooh)! I promise you, I’m not getting all designer on you – well not like Kevin McCloud anyway.

Bang And Olufsen 9000

My love stems from the fact that not only do their products look amazing but they also sound amazing. I also have a very old NAD system that has served me for over 20 years and still sounds great – but not as great as my B&O Beocenter 9000, Beogram 3000 turntable and Beovox RL 35 speakers. I remember being told that B&O gear just wasn’t sonically “up to it”. Well, I disagree and suspect there was some audiophile snobbery at play.

I lived in Winchmore Hill (North London) for many years on and off. Opposite the bus stop was a Bang & Olufsen centre, a shrine to Danish design. During the 80s and 90s I used to gaze through the window at the amazing products dreaming that I might own a B&O hi-fi one day.

My wife particularly likes the Beocenter 9000 with its touch sensitive controls and shear ease of use. However, when it first arrived in our house she was somewhat perturbed stating that it was yet another bit of kit we didn’t need. Come to think of it, she also reacted the same way to the Beosound Century that was mounted on our bedroom wall (subsequently sold to a chap in France who couldn’t believe he’d found a mint version)!

So, sliding aluminium doors, touch sensitive controls, multi room speaker support, loud crisp output and that beautiful design still makes me a tad weak at the knees. Okay, so I got a little bit designer on you.