Oh No, More B&O

I wrote an article about my love of Bang & Olufsen hifi in my blog. One of my dreams was to build a late 80’s 3300 system for my new design studio, comprising the Beomaster 3300 Type 2951 receiver, Beogram 3300 record deck, Beocord 3300 cassette deck, Beogram CD3300 compact disc player and Bevox RL 140 speakers (in the rare grey cloth). Oh, and the 3300 system had to be mounted on the original wall brackets and the speakers hung from factory supplied ceiling poles. I wasn’t being too demanding or ambitious at all then.

Now this was not an easy system to build, certainly not in mint condition. Time and patience enabled me to collect and assemble the hifi in the way it would have been originally supplied. The most difficult components to acquire were the wall brackets and ceiling poles – rather rare and esoteric. I had to respray the brackets as they had become rusty from many years of storage in a garage. In fact it took many weeks of negotiation to convince the owner of the ceiling poles to part company with them.

I bought an Ikea Framstå wall mount system (now discontinued) designed for a TV and mounted all the wiring internally and shielded it all with chrome tape. A true labour of love taking many hours to construct and present the system in its original glory.

It’s used daily, mainly to play music from my computer and from a DAB radio connected the the 3300 receiver. I even ran long lengths of phono cables around my trunking with phono to DIN adapters to interconnect everything. Speaker cable is oxygen free “trade” cable which is excellent stuff.

I can say, hand on heart that this is one of my greatest obsessions that brings a smile to my face every time I look at it (and listen to it). A folly; yes! A labour of love; yes! An obsessive over the top self gratifying activity; yes! Does it make me happy; oh yes!

A Confession
I have to admit that I now own far too many B&O hifi systems. At the last count I have 4 x record decks, 2 x cassette decks, 2 x sets of speakers, 3 x receivers and a Beocenter 9000. Even by my standards, it’s too excessive for one bloke. Did I mention I love Danish design?