The Apple Thought Police

I recently asked a few questions on the Apple Forum. Specifically it was about iCloud, Snow Leopard and the lack of Apple support for the combined technologies. I had 7 posts removed when I asked other forum members what they thought of this issue. I even received a brief response to say that other members know about the Apple Thought Police.

So, myself and many others have now added a new tag to Apple’s forum database: apple_thought_police

I’m convinced that the Apple forum moderators are paid staff and instructed to gag us. I find censoring acceptable when it blocks racial hatred, terrorism and other nefarious activities. But when it blocks a genuine call for help then it’s not acceptable.

Please read the Terms of Use for these communities, you can’t conduct a poll. Did this help? Go to the message, sign in, and reply or mark the response as correct or helpful.
Apple Computer Inc.

The Apple moderators sometimes seem to get a little excited about censorship. So, I our once loved tech-friend, Apple, is now gagging our freedom to comment and ask questions. What a shame.