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Paul Hedges

We miss you Paul…

It’s taken me a while to pluck up the courage to do this and maybe some of you may not think my commercial website is the best place for this. Sadly, during June 2018 my mate Paul Hedges, and close friend to many was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. He really went for it with […]
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Amazing Surfing Pictures

For the Love of Surfing

Now I’m not a surfer but I have clients who are and also a teenage son who is quite keen on braving the Atlantic Ocean. One thing I do know is that a great surfing pic is just mesmerising and evokes a true sense of excitement and pure freedom. At the time of writing I’m […]
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Alder, Rees Kenyon Design, Mark Boyd and Porsche Panamera

Surfing in Northern Scotland

My long term surfing client, Alder Sportswear alerted me to an amazing film made for Porsche, The Uncommon Cold. The film promotes the new Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo (such a great car, it’s worthy of the embellished title). The big surprise was that one of Alder’s sponsored riders features in the promotional film. Mark […]
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Beogram Cd 3300

Oh No, More B&O

I wrote an article about my love of Bang & Olufsen hifi in my blog. One of my dreams was to build a late 80’s 3300 system for my new design studio, comprising the Beomaster 3300 Type 2951 receiver, Beogram 3300 record deck, Beocord 3300 cassette deck, Beogram CD3300 compact disc player and Bevox RL 140 […]
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Birmingham Taekwondo Club Website

Birmingham Taewkondo Club Responsive Website

My client’s expectations were met over and above the original brief for the Birmingham Taekwondo Club website. It’s a responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop with clean lines and easy to view information. The site offers a CMS (Content Management System) for easy publishing. You can view the Birmingham Taekwondo Club website by clicking here. Content was somewhat limited […]
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Seo Process

SEO Devon Keywords

In my continuing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) / Organic SEO drive I have managed to improve my Google rankings dramatically. At the time of writing (July 2013), the latest keyword combination I have vastly improved is “SEO Devon” – achieving Google rank position 9. I am very proud of my recent results and of course, […]
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Dyson Am4 Hot Cold Fan

Dyson AM04 Hot Investment

I took the great leap and invested in a Dyson AM04 Hot Fan Heater using Air Multiplier technology. Dyson were selling refurbished units on Ebay for a vastly reduced price. I guess it was a bargain in relation to the SRP. However, it was still very expensive. The Good Stuff It offers very fast and […]
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Shabby To Chic

Shabby Chic or Smartly Restored?

We are in the process of redecorating our late 19th Century cottage and something is happening to me as I get older. Something quite disturbing! I’m going to stick my neck right out on this one. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a fan of the Bauhaus movement, the Eames style and very clean cut lines and surfaces.
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Dyson Air Multiplier Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier Fans

I know the Dyson Air Multiplier fans have been blogged about at length but I felt inclined to put my thoughts down on a recent retail decision making experience. I’ve been looking for a fan for home, especially in my boys’ bedroom where it gets quite hot. The sun tracks around their bedroom from 11:30 […]
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Philips Living Sculpture 3d

I Want a Philips LivingSculpture

Now this would be pretty cool on your living room ceiling – the Philips LivingSculpture developed by Christopher Bauder of WHITE Void. Okay, so it might not be the most traditional installation for my old cottage, but WOW anyway! From the Philips Lighting website: LivingSculpture 3D module system from WHITEvoid on Vimeo.
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Bang Olufsen 9000 My Dream

Oh B&O

I unashamedly admit that I love Bang & Olufsen hi-fi. At one time I had three systems and two pairs of speakers, one pair being real big ones (ooh)! I promise you, I’m not getting all designer on you – well not like Kevin McCloud anyway. My love stems from the fact that not only […]
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Designing In Devon

Designing in Devon

I moved to Devon in February 1999 and started my graphic design business in June 1999. I quickly found that I was able to offer excellent graphic design and web design to my clients in Devon and Cornwall at ultra competitive fees. I had been studying the “new media” that was web design and quickly […]
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eCommerce eShops Online Shop Devon UK

Concoction eCommerce Online Shop

Concoction are a hair and body lab offering an unusual product base – mainly a shampoo that can have up to two “SuperSerum” shots to customise each product for their customers. I was approached by the founder of Concoction with a view to building a new eCommerce online shop supported by a promotional website. The […]
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Englebert Eurovision 2012

Engelbert Humperdinck Eurovision 2012

I love the Eurovision Song Contest – seriously! We have a few friends and their kids round every year to watch the final. Homemade pizza, beer, wine and pudding ease us through the proceedings to the final anti-climax. Well, us Brits are not allowed to win are we. I’m getting behind Engelbert Humperdinck in Eurovision […]
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King Of Shaves Subscription Website

King of Shaves SUBscription Website Build

There is an increasing recession busting technique being employed by marketeers… The Subscription Website. Yes, it’s been used for magazines, food, wine and other produce. Now it’s being extended to a vast array of products, primarily to save money for customers and secondly for the “I haven’t forgotten to buy it” fire-and-forget purchase. My client, […]
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Apple Thought Police Censorship

The Apple Thought Police

I recently asked a few questions on the Apple Forum. Specifically it was about iCloud, Snow Leopard and the lack of Apple support for the combined technologies. I had 7 posts removed when I asked other forum members what they thought of this issue. I even received a brief response to say that other members know about the […]
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Honda Posters

Lissitzky vs Honda: the Bauhaus style

Sometimes it’s weird how you spot a group of random things that are all of interest. I stumbled across a set of Hondamentalism posters following the Bauhaus style, in my opinion the one of greatest of the design movements… At design school I studied and animated work by El Lissitzky, an iconic Russian artist, designer, photographer, […]
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Dc Comics Branding

Comic Book to Media Entertainment Giant

Brand first or logo? I think DC may have lost their way a little. Take a look at the lineage of the DC logos above. From a very basic 1940′s “stamp” style design to the 1970′s “baseball” flavour and then onto 2005 when we see a dynamic “hero” design. I can see a genuine progression […]
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Hand Made Star Wars Poster

Hand Made Star Wars Posters

George Lucas is at it again with Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D. The films are kept fresh in our minds through continuous merchandising and re-releases. I’m a big fan and proud to say that I queued for hours to make sure I got in to see the original Star Wars (episode […]
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Steve Whitford Jewellery

Stunning Whitford Jewellery

A very good friend of mine, Steve Whitford, has been designing and making jewellery for over 20 years. He dares to design rings that other jewellers would regard as commercially dangerous. That’s why I love his work; he breaks all the rules and writes his own! Myself and my wife proudly own his work. He even […]
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