King of Shaves SUBscription Website Build

There is an increasing recession busting technique being employed by marketeers… The Subscription Website. Yes, it’s been used for magazines, food, wine and other produce. Now it’s being extended to a vast array of products, primarily to save money for customers and secondly for the “I haven’t forgotten to buy it” fire-and-forget purchase.

My client, King of Shaves has launched a subscription model to sell its razors and blades direct to customers in a bid to appeal to cash strapped men and build loyalty ahead of a multimillion pound marketing push next year. The consumer focused subscription service delivers excellent razor blade cartridges from just £3 a month, directly to the customers’ door – and a free handle to get started!

In under 5 weeks, I designed and rolled out this subscription based website. It features a full e-commerce backend and subscriptions engine that completes the checkout process through PayPal. I worked with a small team of coders and based the “engine” on a well known CMS and e-commerce platform. Myself and the team heavily customised the engine to offer a super-simple purchase experience. The environment features the highest levels of security with EV SSL Certification and hosting on a cloud server with scaleable service load.

My client provided the graphics and we worked closely (over some long hours) to roll out the site on a market-busting schedule! S(h)ave some money now!

If you think you have a great subscription idea and would like to roll it out across the internet then please get in touch. I can hit the ground running with excellent solutions.