Surfing in Northern Scotland

My long term surfing client, Alder Sportswear alerted me to an amazing film made for Porsche, The Uncommon Cold. The film promotes the new Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo (such a great car, it’s worthy of the embellished title).

The big surprise was that one of Alder’s sponsored riders features in the promotional film. Mark Boyd spends most of his time surfing in northern Scotland and is somewhat brave to do this. Ice floats in the sea, the elements ravage the landscape and surfer alike. It’s full-on and only for the brave hearted.

I was particularly intrigued to see the branding I designed on the Alder Sportswear wetsuit. Part of their 50th anniversary promotions, the new logo and branding (nicknamed Filmore Sunrise) is being adopted across the range of their wetsuits and accessories. Funky, fun and designed to resemble a sunrise, the logo takes Alder back to their 60s roots with a modern twist.

I like to get out of the cold now and again and get to some warner climates – it’s a nice break – but I definitely feel tied to the north of Scotland and the waves I know so well. I’d say I am a cold-water surfer at heart.
Mark Boyd

The Film

The Uncommon Cold