Paul Hedges

We miss you Paul…

It's taken me a while to pluck up the courage to do this and maybe some of you may not think my commercial website is the best place for this. Sadly, during June 2018 my mate Paul Hedges, and close friend to many was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. He really went for it with the chemo but sadly he lost his battle in July 2018.
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Amazing Surfing Pictures

For the Love of Surfing

Now I'm not a surfer but I have clients who are and also a teenage son who is quite keen on braving the Atlantic Ocean. One thing I do know is that a great surfing pic is just mesmerising and evokes a true sense of excitement and pure freedom.
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Alder, Rees Kenyon Design, Mark Boyd and Porsche Panamera

Surfing in Northern Scotland

My long term surfing client, Alder Sportswear alerted me to an amazing film made for Porsche, The Uncommon Cold. The film promotes the new Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo (such a great car, it's worthy of the embellished title).
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Birmingham Taekwondo Club Website

Birmingham Taewkondo Club Responsive Website

My client’s expectations were met over and above the original brief for the Birmingham Taekwondo Club website. It’s a responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop with clean lines and easy to view information. The site offers a CMS (Content Management System) for easy publishing.
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Seo Process

SEO Devon Keywords

In my continuing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) / Organic SEO drive I have managed to improve my Google rankings dramatically. At the time of writing (July 2013), the latest keyword combination I have vastly improved is "SEO Devon" - achieving Google rank position 9.
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Designing In Devon

Designing in Devon

I moved to Devon in February 1999 and started my graphic design business in June 1999. I quickly found that I was able to offer excellent graphic design and web design to my clients in Devon and Cornwall at ultra competitive fees. I had been studying the “new media” that was web design and quickly realised that it was essential to get on board this fast moving train.
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eCommerce eShops Online Shop Devon UK

Concoction eCommerce Online Shop

Concoction are a hair and body lab offering an unusual product base – mainly a shampoo that can have up to two “SuperSerum” shots to customise each product for their customers. I was approached by the founder of Concoction with a view to building a new eCommerce online shop supported by a promotional website.
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King Of Shaves Subscription Website

King of Shaves SUBscription Website Build

There is an increasing recession busting technique being employed by marketeers… The Subscription Website. Yes, it’s been used for magazines, food, wine and other produce. Now it’s being extended to a vast array of products, primarily to save money for customers and secondly for the “I haven’t forgotten to buy it” fire-and-forget purchase.
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Lobhill Farmhouse Branding Logo Design

Lobhill Farmhouse Identity & Logo

Recently, I was invited to design and produce a WordPress CMS website for Jane, a local client. Her business is an exceptional bed & breakfast, highly regarded by her clients who return time and time again. I spent a few hours taking a brief for the website (soon to go live) and recommended that an identity should be designed to represent Jane’s business and the high quality service she offers.
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James Ellington King Of Shaves

James Ellington & King of Shaves

This week I had the pleasure of working on the King of Shaves / Jason Ellington sponsorship campaign. A fast moving job that required updates by the hour.Jason shot into the media spotlight when he auctioned himself on Ebay and the winning bidder turned out to be bogus. The auction reached £32,500! My client, the King of Shaves stepped in to seal a sponsorship deal with Jason and fund his Olympic dream.
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