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Point of Sale, Product Design & Packaging

Point of Sale, Product Design & Packaging

So you need a designer who can work from concept to production, provide graphic design, prototyping, artwork, project management and creative flair.
Maybe you need some shelf wobblers, retail display systems or counter display graphics.

I have experience in designing graphics for packaging and products including surfboards, bodyboards, wetsuits, apparel, garments, electronics and corporate gifts.
minimalist graphic design portfolio

Global Point of Sale & Packaging

My client approached me to design and position a brand from the ground up and design logos, point of sale graphics, products and packaging. Global are a relatively new brand producing premium surfing and bodyboarding accessories. Their attitude is to offer no compromise quality at a price point that...
Point of Sale and Packaging Devon UK

Alder Point of Sale & Packaging

Presented here is a small but varied selection of the vast array of point of sale graphics and packaging I have designed over many years. I often work two years ahead of actual production and they style and branding is constantly evolving - it keeps me on my toes. Alder have been active in the surf ...
Graphic Designer Devon

Alder Wetsuit Graphics

Presented here is a varied selection of wetsuit logo design and surfing graphics. I estimate having produced design and specification for over 450 wetsuits over a seventeen year period. The design work is very complex as I often have to photograph a sample wetsuit and then piece together the graphic...
Product design Devon UK

Alder Product Design

I'm regularly presented with a new design challenge by the Alder sales team. One week it might be a surfboard, the next a pair of gloves, and occasionally a wildcard like a changing mat. It's always interesting! Featured here are various projects encompassing product design and associated graphic de...