Alder Brand & Logotype

The logo can be any design as long as it's got a wave or hibiscus in it. Probably...
Logo design is key part of your branding. A great logo really sets you apart from the competition and creates a memorable, long lasting image.

Alder invited me to take over their logo design, branding and graphic design in 1999. As of 2017 I have designed over 300 logos for Alder Sportswear (a surfing company).

We always had a standing joke that the design would work as long as it had a wave or hibiscus motif. We moved on from this a few years ago and made the branding far more intelligent. This was as a result of market research, retailer intelligence and offering the customer something fresh.

With wetsuit design it is an irony that the customer often looks at the brand first rather the wetsuit construction and quality. Alder's quality is excellent and recently we have developed a branding strategy to reflect this with a minimalist approach to  their graphics; more examples here. Fortunately for Alder they have a loyal following of hardcore surfers who understand their products. The flip side is that Alder also produce lower specification suits for the summer holiday surfer (bucket and spade shops). We employed uncluttered design and in some cases opted for a retro approach to celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 2016.
Alder Sportswear Limited
Designer and Artworker
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Brand & Logo Design
1999 to present