Alder Point of Sale & Packaging

From hang tags to boot boxes...
Presented here is a small but varied selection of the vast array of point of sale graphics and packaging I have designed over almost two decades. I often work two years ahead of actual production and the style and branding is constantly evolving - it keeps me on my toes.

It is worth noting that Alder have distinct market segmentation. They offer premium products for seasoned surfers who understand Alder quality and in the holiday market (known as bucket and spade shops). Either way, they sell a lot of products.

Alder have been active in the surf industry for five decades and celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2016. Starting with a pair of board shorts in the late 60′s, they grew into a multi-million pound business. I was contacted in 1999 after I had sent Alder a mailshot. They were surprised to find a designer with my experience in the village and we have worked together ever since.

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Alder Sportswear Limited
Designer and Artworker
Project TYPE
POS & Packaging
1999 to 2017 and onwards