Alder Product Design

Surfboards, skimboards, bodyboards and a board comb...
I'm regularly presented with a new design challenge by the Alder sales team. One week it might be a surfboard, the next a pair of gloves, and occasionally a wildcard like a changing mat. It's always interesting!

Featured here are various projects encompassing product design and associated graphic design. Alder Sportswear operate an array of sub-brands and also produce for many small companies.

Time restraints often dictate that the design solution needs to be quickly achieved. Equally, production is often in the far east and therefore there is no room for error. Asian production does present many challenges; often a CAD patterns does not exist, the production process cannot be described or the language barrier is problematic. Experience is crucial here, certainly from my perspective. Speaking the same "graphic" language as the Alder production director really helps!
Alder Sportswear Limited
Product Designer and Graphic Designer
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Product Design & Graphics
1999 to present