Alder Sub-Brands

Sharks, camper vans and a goose...
Since 1999 I have designed many sub-brands as part of the Alder visual identity programme. Alder Sportswear have always been open to diverse graphic design (something a designer relishes).

The logos have many different applications from surfboards to wetsuits, vehicle livery to surfboards and bodyboards to t-shirts. The majority of the work here was designed for screen printing and as such has demanding production restraints.

From 2013 onwards we began "tightening" up the overall brand identity. We use certain logos for packaging and others for wetsuits and surfing apparel. They are all part of a planned scheme so retailers and customers can understand the Alder brand and culture.
Alder Sportswear
Designer and Artworker
Project TYPE
Brand & Logo Design
1999 to 2017 and onwards