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The original garden office...
My client required a website to communicate the innovation and quality of their unique products. Garden offices were something very new back in 2001 and effectively a fledgling industry. The Ardis was originally born in 1999 - a back of an envelope idea to provide a professional office space in small back gardens in cities. Pioneers in this market, Ardis quickly went on to sell many units.

Businesses were being operated from garden sheds but this was no shed, it was something very different with first class manufacturing and design.

I received a brief to build a website to communicate the following values: innovation, quality, design, excellent construction, flexibility, all in one solution and longevity.

Alongside the website I produced promotional literature, signage and branding. My client also requested SEO in the early days of this discipline. I positioned Ardis in the top 5 for over 4 years with minimum maintenance after the initial search engine optimisation.

Wondering why it was called the “Ardis”? The brand was a play on “TARDIS”. Small outside, feels much bigger inside.

The site is now retired and my client ceased production around 2005 and concentrated on their core architectural practice. The Ardis has brought them many leads and innovative project commissions.
Ardis Garden Offices Ltd.
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