Concierge South West Branding

Elegant, gold and extremely sophisticated...
I absolutely love this brand and logo design. It's totally outside of my usual Swiss style of minimalism and ultra clean typography. That said, the solution demanded absolute elegance for Amanda - she is extremely elegant and this was the perfect way to represent her. 

I was contacted by Amanda and she asked if I could take a look at her existing website from an SEO point of view. After an evaluation I suggested that her concierge website didn't represent her business well at all - not something I like doing.

We discussed various options and it was decided that we would rebrand from the bottom up. Various concepts were explored and Amanda homed in on one particular design.

She often observes her clients running their fingers over the gold foil embossing on her premium business card.
Amanda Williams, Concierge South West
Designer and Artworker
Project TYPE
Brand, Logotype & Stationery Design