Concoction eCommerce

A fully featured eCommerce online shop with dynamic promotional website...
Concoction were a hair and body lab offering an unusual product base – a shampoo that can have up to two “SuperSerum” shots to customise each product for their customers.

I was approached by the founder of Concoction with a view to building a new eCommerce online shop supported by a promotional website. The idea was to revamp their original site and simplify the shopping process, offering enhanced customer account tools and comprehensive support in the online experience.

The “ShampYou” range was offered in four base blends with the option to choose from 2 x 8 different “SuperSerum Shots”. The shots were tailored to the customer’s hair type and colour. Suffice to say, it was a complex task due to each product having 56 different variations.

A leading eCommerce package was utilised for this project which has a comprehensive administration and reporting system. Payments can be made directly by credit / debit card or PayPal for those with a registered account.

Shipping was another complex task: the products were available in 47 different countries and were calculated either by weight or final cost (depending on destination). Shipping was then applied using an array system with postage options automatically selected for overseas customers.

The site was produced on a very tight budget – you can directly benefit from this flexible approach using the latest technology and rapid access to eCommerce and online sales capability. My client operated the site, managed stock, orders and accounting processes.

The site was retired in 2016 after the company was sold to an Australian company.
Designer and Developer
Project TYPE
eCommerce Website
Completed and Retired