Ecowagon Infographic Icons

Navigating specs pictorially...
Ecowagon offer a myriad of options for their VW Transporter camper van conversions. For their clients it can be a long winded process working through the specs for each conversion model (fun though).

We needed some icons! Pictorially representing each spec has visually simplified the client's navigation through the standard specs and optional upgrades. There are six core conversion models and they a very different in their offering and levels of kit.

Another challenge was my client's experience of the kit; he didn't want any misinterpretation as it can cause client disappointment. This led to many different icons being illustrated. I had limited space for the icons and didn't want them to look clunky on various devices, still, they had to be bold enough to be "obvious".

Why brown icons you may ask?
I developed an organic colour palette for Ecowagon when I originally designed their website. Camper van life is all about the outdoors so we use brown and green as supporting colours with black headlines.
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