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I was approached to quote on a replacement website for Ecowagon mid 2017. I priced it and waited patiently for the go ahead. Ecowagon had been searching for the perfect long term design and marketing partner and hadn't realised that my skills (as well as graphic and web design) also included copywriting and illustration. Roll on nine months and they got in touch again. Could I come and visit them for another chat at their base in Redruth, Cornwall? Of course I could. The directors were also looking for a very down-to-earth and pragmatic design partner, which of course I am.

I was awarded the Ecowagon website and instructed to get on with it! This was a highly complex project with the following brief, "we want to look like a premium car manufacturer's website and sell the camper van lifestyle". I did explain that the budget for these websites ran into the ten's of thousand's of pounds. So, based on the available budget I had to be very creative.

The Ecowagon demographic is generally over fifty years of age meaning the website had to be easy to use, have big buttons, effective calls to action and easy to read leader statements. Images definitely had to be wow and graphics had to be smart. Media was often low resolution requiring major retouching but we did have some "proper" photographer's shots.

My preferred minimalist colour palette wouldn't work for this job, it had to be bold and colorful to represent the camper van lifestyle. Something of a challenge because too much colour can clutter a design. Content is saturated on many pages (a request from my client) so each web page had to be sectionalised. The benefit of more content is of course excellent SEO performance which we certainly have. A true challenge for a very happy client.
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Premium camper van conversions website
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