Fish Soho Website

A website for celebrities and barrow boys..
Fish Hairdressing Company is based in D’Arblay Street, London W1. It has it’s own styling brand and a turnover of 500 clients a week from all walks of life, from celebrities to barrow boys.

My client, Knowledge and Merchandising Inc. Ltd. developed a range of toiletries for Fish. As a long term consultant designer I was asked to design a website for the salon. Visuals were supplied and I worked with the Head of Design to realise the brief and produce a novel website. I also maintained and updated the website for 3 years.

Sadly the website was retired in 2009 during a company demerger. Still, this design stands proud and can be viewed on my server. Please note that some links and pages may be inoperable.
Knowledge and Merchandising Inc. Ltd.
Designer and Developer
Project TYPE
Promotional Website