HookedOnMedia Sales & Presentation Brochure

Designed to pitch for business and win the account...
HookedOnMedia became a client after a collaboration on a client's website. They were impressed with my work and deep knowledge of SEO and SEM. After successfully redesigning their brand and website HookedOnMedia invited me to redesign their digital sales and presentation brochure, designed to be emailed as a PDF. It is formatted for a 16:9 display ratio so it can be presented on a large screen or laptop.

The 55 page PDF has areas that my client can repurpose for new business presentations. Originated and designed in Adobe InDesign it is a strictly templated layout to avoid any design traps or difficulty in adding stats and reports. Based on the website branding it builds further on the strong visual identity, combining strong typography and freestyle drawings contrasted with precise technical illustrations.

At around 7MB the sales brochure is compact enough to email.
Designer and Artworker
Project TYPE
Sales & Presentation Brochure