Kings 1965 Website

Immerse yourself in a Pythonesque style world...
My client asked me to work with the Kings 1965 brand manager to produce a promotional website. I had already been commissioned to design a Look Book that introduced the range of products and associated fashions. My client wanted the home page to represent the brand in its entirety and that’s where Flash animation came in (still heavily used back in 2010). The interactive Flash movie was a multi-layer panning animation controlled by ActionScript. It welcomes you to Kings 1965 and immerses you in a Pythonesque style world.

Kings 1965 was a “Great British” toiletry brand established by The King of Shaves Company. Introduced in August 2008, it was designed to feel established with an injection of modern spirit and fashion.

The site is now retired. It was a time limited ‘exclusive’ with Boots.
The King of Shaves Company
Designer and Developer
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Brand Microsite