Lighthouse Mentoring Brochure

Tackling a difficult subject matter...
I received a call from a (new) client who had come across my website. He liked my minimal style and also my method of information communication design.

After a brief consultation we agreed to produce a 12 page A5 brochure covering a difficult subject: mental health in the workplace and education. A fascinating topic with a steep learning curve for me.

All that existed was some basic text so I worked closely with my client to "extract" the necessary information and make it easy to understand. Graphics and layouts were developed in the early stages to galvanise the overall brand style. I was asked to copywrite in certain areas and help my client with editing his text (he openly admits he finds this difficult). There was also a request for a strong branding style with as little "faff" as possible. Right up my street! 

The colour blend device was employed to suggest optimism and the same can be said for the overall warm "yellow" colourway.

Digitally printed and produced as an interactive PDF the brochure has been distributed to HR departments, company directors and universities.

A great project for a thoroughly nice client with a demon sense of humour! Oh, and he's pretty damn smart as well!

Lighthouse Mentoring
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Branding and brochure design