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What is HydroCreatine™ Cell Protection System?
My client, KMI (Knowledge and Merchandising Inc.), had entered into partnership with Pentland, owners of the Speedo brand. KMI were busy developing a range of toiletries for launch in the UK.

I had designed and produced a showreel presentation for KMI / Speedo and they were very impressed. They invited me to build a website to promote the new product range. Back in 2002 when I designed the site, Flash animation was in vogue and I also added some 3D elements for good measure. The menu was a drop-down system that worked in all browsers (very rare at that time). The browser wars were hotting up back in the early noughties; Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Opera were causing major headaches with web page rendering – more consistency came with Firefox and Safari many years later. The site also had a CMS facility to handle media activities.

Sadly the website was retired in 2004 after the products were withdrawn from market. 
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