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A clean and elegant architectural website...
Squirrel Design Associates are a Chagford (Devon) based architectural design practice specialising in stunning one-off designs. Progressive and novel are both terms that describe their amazing work. They were featured on Grand Designs with their The Miami-Style Beach House in November 2005.

I had designed the Ardis website for Squirrel – a separate company they ran to build beautifully designed garden offices. Off the back of this, Squirrel asked me to build a website for their architectural design practice. I had already designed and refreshed their brand so the website was a progression of their branding. It was originally designed for web 1.0 and narrowband connections back in 2005.

Sadly it was retired in 2012 to make way for a new website . In 2018 I was approached by Squirrel Design again to design and produce a replacement website.

Rees Kenyon is a web designer and graphic designer in Devon, UK.
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