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How to be surprised by your client...
An old friend asked if I could design a logo for his business. Words like "bold", "strong" and "powerful" were used by Rich to describe what he wanted. The "answer to the brief" designs are illustrated in the Visual Concepts slide.

Ahem, Rich chose the logo that was poles apart from his description which is featured in the first slide, Client's Logo Choice.

I always make a point of throwing in a wildcard design for my clients. I base this on a number of factors, mainly instinct and market research. I felt Rich's business needed a modern feel, unique typeface and a bespoke visual representation. So I threw another design in the hat. Surprise surprise, he chose the wildcard.

For versatility all of the designs are produced to work in either full colour, two colours or black and white. Rich received a digital media pack with the logos supplied in various digital formats for maximum flexibility.
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