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Having built the website, I was briefed to build this new website to take the Wingman brand to the next level. This is a promotional and eCommerce site although the shop is currently disabled while my client launches his range of toiletries into 460 Tesco stores. 

Wingman are a company that originally made premium wipes for men. They have now branched into toiletries and fashion products aiming at a youthful market.

This [simple_tooltip content='A CMS or Content Management System is a program for your website that enables you to publish your own content. Usually you login and then access different screens in your web browser. On these screens you can enter text, add images or even video and sound. Some CMS even enable you to create your own navigation.']CMS[/simple_tooltip] website incorporates galleries, an instagram feed, quirky blog and a fully responsive design. 

WordPress and WooCommerce were utilised for this project which have comprehensive administration and reporting systems. Payments can be made directly by credit / debit card or PayPal for those with a registered account.

A complex shipping engine was incorporated so my client can ship to many different countries. Shipping is applied using an array system with postage options automatically selected for overseas customers. As always, I made this easy for my client to update and operate.

I handed the site over to my client and his creative team and they now update the blog and add new graphics and products. The site has undergone some cosmetic changes over the last few years.
Designer & Developer
Project TYPE
Promotional & eCommerce Website
Completed & Retired