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Engage your audience with an animated feature or interactive content.
So you need a showreel to promote your company. This can be produced on a tight budget and updated easily too. Video, animations, interactivity, sound effects and music can all be incorporated. Looking for an animated web banner? I can help.
Animation by Rees Kenyon Design Devon UK

Azor Animated Feature

I was asked to refresh a dated animation and produce an interactive Flash movie at a fraction of the original cost. Having story boarded the movie, I photographed the product at different angles. The images were then animated using ActionScript. 90% of the animation was script controlled to make it ...
King of Shaves XCD launch video by Rees Kenyon Design Devon UK

XCD Launch Party Showreel

I was invited to create a showreel / launch party promo video for the 2003 USA launch party of King of Shaves XCD men’s skincare range. The venue was a night club and the face of XCD was basketball star Jason Kidd. The video played on multiple monitors around the club. Produced in Flash with Swift...
Speedo UK Product video by Rees Kenyon Design Devon UK

Speedo UK Products Showreel

My client, KMI, had entered into partnership with Pentland, owners of the Speedo brand. KMI were busy developing a range of toiletries for launch in the UK. I was asked to take their digital visual files and mockup images to build a video showreel presentation. This would enable KMI to launch the co...